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Unique Wedding Trends - Seattle

Seattle is known for its scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and unique personality. If you're planning a wedding in Seattle, you might be interested in some of the unique trends happening in the area. Here are a few that I've noticed.

Alternative venues

Seattle has a plethora of non-traditional wedding venues that are gaining in popularity. From breweries and distilleries to art galleries and warehouses, couples are opting for unique spaces that reflect their personal style. Have you heard of

Block 41? It's a super cool event space that offers an industrial-chic vibe and can accommodate over 700 guests.

Sustainable and eco-friendly weddings

Seattle is a city that values sustainability, and that value is reflected in the wedding industry. Couples are incorporating environmentally friendly practices into their weddings, such as using locally sourced food and flowers, minimizing waste, and choosing vendors that prioritize sustainability.

Food trucks

Seattle is home to a thriving food truck scene, and many couples are incorporating food trucks into their wedding receptions. From gourmet grilled cheese to artisanal ice cream, there's something for everyone. The food truck trend is perfect for couples who want a more casual, laid-back vibe for their wedding.

Interactive entertainment

More and more couples are opting for interactive entertainment options for their wedding receptions. This can include everything from photo booths and lawn games to live painters and special musician appearances (like that one time I opened for Jazzy B!)


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Non-traditional wedding attire

Seattle is a city that values individuality, and that value is reflected in the wedding fashion scene. Many couples are opting for non-traditional wedding attire, such as jumpsuits, colorful suits, and vintage dresses. One Seattle-based designer, Cicada Bridal, specializes in custom wedding dresses.

These are just a few of the unique wedding trends happening in Seattle. If you're planning a wedding in the area, consider incorporating some of these trends into your big day to make it truly unforgettable.


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