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The Traditional Working Styles of a Violinist And How We're Different

Hey there!

At a certain stage in the planning process, one vendor starts to look pretty much like another, am I right?

And I totally I get it - you want to check the boxes and be done with your planning, and let the pros take it over for you. But you also want your wedding to be a reflection and celebration of everything that you and your true love are, both individually and now together. That's why it's so important to work with the right vendors.


Want my personal short list of vendors?


Most musicians out there, even professionals, work out of a set repertoire list. Most out there might accommodate a single song request that's not already in their repertoire list if you really want it, but you're definitely going to pay extra for them to learn it. Then they'll provide you with a few packages to choose from and once you pick the one you dislike the least you won't hear from them again until your wedding day when they'll just show up and play the same generic music that has been played at countless other weddings.

But that's not your style. How do I know?

You're the reason I started Christie Becker Violin in the first place. Because my experience as a classically trained violinist was initially just that - seeing couples who cared deeply about creating an immersive experience for their family and friends, and wanting to share the magic that is their love story with those who they care about most, forced to select from impersonal package options of music they didn't really like all that much to begin with and it just didn't sit well with me.

So I decided to take all the training I accumulated over my career and put it all to use with one purpose: growing and expanding a repertoire list that is as diverse as the couples that I work with, so that I can truly bring their visions to life and make them feel seen, and celebrated for who they are and who they love.


What are you waiting for?


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