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Love in Harmony: How a Wedding Musician Sets the Mood

When planning your wedding, every detail matters, and the musican you choose plays a significant role in setting the tone for your special day.

I had the privilege of playing for a wedding this past summer where the words the bride used in her review proved to be a fabulously articulated testament to the experience that I strive to provide for couples. Here's what she had to say:

"Book her!!!! When we first contemplated on hiring a violinist, I did not expect Christie to answer my call on the very first try. From the very beginning of simply inquiring and playing with the idea, I felt understood. She grasped our personalities and also the vibe we were going for."

Understanding the unique personalities and the desired atmosphere of a couple is crucial to curating a musical experience that truly resonates. I pride myself on not only playing beautiful music but also on creating a connection with my couples where they feel seen and represented.

"Her proposal was so articulate and beautiful, we needed to make it official asap! It brought all the feels for us both."

A well-crafted proposal should reflect the essence of the couple's love story and the emotions they wish to convey on their wedding day. It's an opportunity for the couple to envision the magic that will unfold. It's also helpful to see the timeline, where the parts of the ceremony will fall, and the overall flow.

"We had a lot of people in our procession and that included a variety of songs. She did a wonderful job transitioning between them all and did so with so much grace. Our wedding was pretty big, so her playing songs that we picked out specifically together created an intimate moment between my husband and me."

The ability to personalize music is a hallmark of a great wedding musician. It's about translating the couple's love story into an immersive experience. Transitioning between songs seamlessly is essential to maintain the flow and create those unforgettable moments. There's so much that goes into a wedding, and it often feels like a blur for the newlyweds. That's why little touches that give you pause, and center you in the bustle are so special.

"Christie was very patient, she communicated through email and by phone when requested. She is very detailed, down to her own attire. I must admit that even with a day-of coordinator, there were things not communicated, and I appreciated her diligence through it all."

Patience and attention to detail are non-negotiable for me. Ensuring a seamless and harmonious experience for my couples, even amid the wedding day chaos, is my utmost priority. It's why I make an effort to reach out to coordinators or venues in advance so all of the details are covered. And of course there are always little hiccups on the wedding day which is why flexibility and planning for the unexpected are also part of my plan!

"She is a very organized and punctual individual who takes pride in what she does. She is simply amazing!!!! We wanted people to feel LOVE, hear LOVE, and witness LOVE, and she definitely helped make that happen. Christie, thank you so much for being a part of such an incremental moment in our lives! "

It's an honor to be a part of such significant moments in people's lives, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the love and joy that fills the air on my couple's wedding days.


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