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Intimate Ruby Beach Elopement

I just can't even some days, you know? When I look at the amazing and heartfelt moments that I get to be a part of and help create, I have to pinch myself!

R wanted a romantic and intimate ceremony a good ways down Ruby Beach, just her and her soon-to-be husband, his daughter, and her dad. It was a typical PNW day, with haze and lots of humidity, and a bit of moisture coming down here and there - but I came prepared, so we were covered (literally) when we needed to be with a rain tent.

I got to the location with enough time for set-up and introductions with the coordinator (who was one of the photographers, as elopements go) so that as R and her small entourage made their way down the beach, they were met with "Butterflies" wafting to them over the sound of the waves.

After a short Ceremony, this sweet wedding ended with such a magical moment. The clouds let up just enough that the photographer said "let's get photos of your first dance on the beach" and asked if I would be willing to walk around them, playing "Can't Help Falling in Love". ABSOLUTELY YES!!

"Like a river flows Surely to the sea Darling, so it goes Some things, you know, are meant to be"

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