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Fun-Filled Wedding Surprise

I love surprises.

And thankfully for me, so does C! She reached out to me not only with specific songs that her fiancé M wanted, but with the added excitement of completely surprising him with live music!

On the day of their wedding I arrived quietly, and introduced myself to their DJ - it was C's desire that I coordinate equipment and cues with them to ensure that everything was as covert as possible, to not tip off M to our plans.

It was so exciting beginning the Prelude - reveals like these are such a surefire way to get a truly emotional reaction, which I live for!

Finally it was time for C's Grand Entrance! On her dad's arm, she beamed the whole way down the aisle to my cover of "Free" by the Zac Brown Band.

father of the bride, walk down the aisle
Grand Entrance

C and M's ceremony was filled with laughter and friends, and so much joy.

Honestly, Christie is the best ever! She was excited to work with our unique music selections and create a play list that flowed really well. All our wedding guests were floored by her skills (us too!) and were all impressed by her. She made our wedding ceremony extremely memorable and we could not have imagined a better outcome. Christie - thank you so much for joining us! - C M
couple popping champagne, wedding day toast, pop the bubbly
Pop the bubbly!

Photo Credit: Breeanna Lasher


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