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Exploring the Latest Wedding Music Trends

Wedding music plays a crucial role in setting the tone and creating memorable moments on your big day. As a wedding musician, I've noticed some exciting trends emerging that can add a unique touch to your celebration. Here are a few to consider as you plan your special day:

Mixing Genres: Couples are increasingly blending different musical genres, such as classical, pop, and jazz, to create a diverse and dynamic playlist. This approach allows for a personalized soundtrack that reflects the couple's unique tastes. Be sure to consider your timeline - ebb and flow the music to fit the energy you're trying to create throughout your celebration. For instance, increase the energy after your Recessional as your family and friends are riding the high after your pronouncement as newlyweds and start your Cocktail Hour off on a celebratory foot. Gradually settle into dinner with music that facilitates conversation and mingling, and then kick the party into high gear with tunes sure to pack the dance floor!

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Modern Covers of Classics: Reimagining classic love songs with a modern twist is a popular choice. Contemporary arrangements of timeless hits provide a fresh take on beloved tracks, making them perfect for ceremonies and receptions. Alternatively, modern selections arranged in a classical style creates a calm and elegant prelude or dinner set that's at once recognizable and elevated.

Cultural Fusion: Celebrating cultural heritage through music is gaining popularity. Couples are incorporating traditional songs from their backgrounds alongside modern tracks to create a beautiful fusion of sounds. Pop songs from around the world can be a fun way to showcase your family history and culture, places you've traveled together throughout your relationship, or as a preview into where you'll journey for your honeymoon!


Italian | Chinese | Celtic | Bollywood | Latin ...and more!

I'm always expanding my repertoire with new and diverse musical selections!


Interactive Music Experiences: Creating interactive moments with live musicians, such as guiding your guests between locations or encouraging sing-alongs, can enhance guest engagement and make the celebration more memorable. Just be sure to coordinate with your musician in advance to ensure everything is smooth and cohesive!

As you plan your wedding, consider incorporating some of these trends to create a truly memorable musical experience. Remember to communicate your vision with your musicians so they can help bring your dream wedding to life!


Hi, I'm Christie!

With over 29 years of experience mastering the violin, I specialize in crafting bespoke setlists and arrangements that reflect your unique vision and preferences. Recognized with awards like "The Best of the Bash" and The Knot Best of Weddings, I'm dedicated to creating unforgettable musical experiences tailored to your event.


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