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5 reasons you need professional live music for your wedding

So you're planning the music for your wedding! Congratulations!

This is such a fun part of the wedding planning process because it ties together all the other elements that you've been so painstakingly organizing. This is where your day will truly come to life!

No pressure. It's just the singular element that will make or break the biggest celebration you've ever planned! So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you need professional live music at your wedding!

1. Set the tone for the ceremony

Your ceremony is the first introduction you're providing your family and friends of your wedding celebration. The way they are met as they enter the ceremony space sets the tone for their experience throughout the rest of your wedding.

Depending on your theme, formality or venue there are so many options available for your music! Top 40, Jazz, Soundtracks, Classical, Alternative, Folk - even classical-style covers of popular hits! The options are truly endless, and can be tailored specifically to your style and preferences.

2. Create a unique experience

As we mentioned above, music can be tailored to your vision for your big day, creating a cohesive and seamless experience as unique as you. But more than that, you can use music to emphasize key points of your celebration. Some special ways to make sweet moments even more magical include:

  • Sing your vows

  • Surprise your new spouse by performing a special song

  • Create a meaningful medley for each group in your Processional

A professional musician will be able to plan and customize these special moments with you, and even perform them with you (when your nerves will probably be acting up more than ever!)


bring your vision to life


3. Professionalism

Speaking of professional musicians, have you ever attended a wedding where the couple tried to cut corners and had their cousin/neighbor/friend perform the music and it was just... ugh, cringe.


We've all heard a less-than-stellar performance and probably aren't lining up for another experience like that anytime soon. So why would you entrust someone who isn't qualified with something this important? Short answer: you wouldn't!

No matter how hands on you are in your planning, you're not going to be able to be hands-on on your wedding day. You just aren't. You'll be busy getting hair and makeup done, getting dressed, taking photos, spending time with those you love most - and you should be focusing on this momentous occasion and the love and excitement you feel! The last thing you should be doing is stressing about holding the hand of a vendor who doesn't know what they're doing.

4. Flexibility

A tale of three weddings:

Beth planned her wedding and didn't include live music. When an unexpected delay required the Processional to be pushed off 5 minutes, her aunt (who was in charge of the Spotify playlist) tried to fill the time but instead, ads came blasting through the speakers.

Sarah planned her wedding and included live music, but she didn't hire a professional. When an unexpected delay required the Processional to be pushed off 5 minutes, the musician she hired didn't have enough music to fill the time and there was a very long, awkward pause in the music that led to guests getting up from their seats and roaming around, making the delay even longer as everyone had to be herded back and resettled.

Amy planned her wedding and hired a professional musician. When an unexpected delay required the Processional to be pushed off 5 minutes, the musician she hired pulled songs from the contingency plan. The guests didn't even notice that anything was amiss with the timeline, and everything felt smooth, consistent and seamless.

Be like Amy.

5. Engage your guests for a lasting impression

Your wedding is the day that you finally get to blend your life with your true love! But that is so much bigger than just the two of you - your families and friends are also blending together! What better way to get everyone mixing and mingling than to create an experience that they will remember forever?

"We had our wedding 3 days ago, and our guests are STILL messaging us about how much they loved Christie during our cocktail hour...our guests were singing and vibing with her the WHOLE time." -May
"My family and friends were dancing and singing along the whole night." -Linda
"My guests are STILL talking about what a beautiful job she did!" -Jennifer

When you hire a professional musician for your wedding, you're setting the tone for a celebration as unique as you are, filled with experiences that your guests will rave about long after your wedding day. And because you are hiring a professional, you don't have to worry about any unexpected hiccups that will inevitably arise, because you know they have the experience to be flexible and ensure a seamless and beautiful experience that you'll treasure forever.


Make live music part of your happily ever after


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