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Wedding Music Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons from Real Couples

When it comes to planning your dream wedding, the music is a key ingredient that sets the mood and gets everyone celebrating. To save you from some common music mishaps, I've gathered advice from real couples who've learned a thing or two from their own wedding experiences. Get ready to avoid these wedding music blunders and make your celebration unforgettable!

Skipping the Playlist

Don't leave your wedding music to chance. Take the time to create an awesome playlist that reflects your style, love story, and favorite jams.

Ignoring Ceremony Music

Don't overlook the importance of ceremony music—it's the soundtrack to your "I do's"! Avoid last-minute decisions or sticking to generic tunes. Instead, choose songs that hold a special meaning for you and your partner to make your ceremony extra personal and touching.

Not Chatting with Your Musicians

Communication is key! Talk openly with your musicians about your musical tastes, must-play songs, and the vibe you want to create. Make sure they understand your vision, and don't forget to let them know if there are any songs you absolutely can't stand!


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Forgetting About Transitions

Smooth transitions are the secret to keeping the party going strong. Work with your musician to ensure they understand your timeline - a professional will know how to create seamless transitions between different parts of your wedding while keeping the energy going.

Volume Woes

Nobody wants to shout over blaring music or strain to hear what's going on. Keep the music loud enough to get people moving, but not so loud that it drowns out conversations. Find that sweet spot for the perfect party atmosphere. (A professional musician will be able to balance volume and energy and will have full control over the levels.)

Skipping the Sound System Test

Tech mishaps are real, so don't forget to do a sound system test before your big day. You don't want any unexpected sound surprises stealing the spotlight during your special moments. A professional musician will be sure to arrive on site with enough time to set up and perform their sound checks before your guests arrive.

By taking a few tips from real couples, you can avoid common wedding music blunders and have an unforgettable celebration. Create an amazing playlist, communicate with your musicians, plan those smooth transitions, find the right volume balance, and test that sound system. These simple steps will ensure your wedding music hits all the right notes (pun intended).


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