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The Modern Choice - Personalizing Your Day

The Knot's Real Wedding Report shares some insight into how nearly 12,000 real US couples planned their weddings in 2022 and what the trends are going forward.

Along with valuing and seeking out diverse pros and experiences... couples also want to create memorable experiences that can be captured and shared. [They] want their day to be remembered through statement moments and embrace opportunities to surprise and delight guests. -The Knot Real Weddings Study

You're in the right place!

When personalization is the name of the game, it can be tricky to know how to tie everything together. From the dress to the venue to the food, when you pull from the wide variety of inspiration that comes together to make up, well, you, it can be overwhelming to try to find a common thread to make it all make sense for your guests.

That's where music really shines. Music is that magical element that transforms observable events into immersive experiences. It's the element that ties together the complete package into a cohesive celebration that makes all your family and friends say "this is SO them!"

While there are certainly key points within the Wedding Ceremony that are important to highlight (for a more in depth look at those, check out this post), music is an important element all throughout your celebration! From your Cocktail Hour, where the right music can encourage new friends to mingle, to your cake cutting where a playful song can make everyone smile or laugh, each and every moment is an opportunity to capture and preserve the feeling of your perfect day.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter weddings; now, people want to throw unique events that showcase their specific relationships... Couples were striving for a wedding that celebrated their relationship and highlighted things that represented them. -The Knot Real Weddings Study

surprise and delight those you love most!


10 Fun moments to emphasize with music

Magical moments throughout your celebration are made so much more memorable when paired with the right song. While by no means exhaustive, here's the short list to start you thinking about what you envision for your perfect day:

10. Private First Look

9. Garter/ Bouquet Toss

8. Last Dance of the Night

7. Cake Cutting

6. Mother-Son/Father-Daughter Dance

5. Money Dance

4. First Dance to Open the Dance Floor

3. Group Wedding Party Dance

2. Flash Mob

1. First Dance


Interested in live music for your wedding?


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