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Jet-set Gold Creek Pond Micro-Wedding

When I first was contacted by C, she told me that her closest family and friends were all making the trip from Florida out to our beautiful Pacific Northwest to support her exchanging her wedding vows to A with the gorgeous and lush mountain backdrop of the Cascades. Can you say dreamy?

C selected a variety of ballads for their Ceremony, but wanted special attention paid to their Grand Entrance selection. "Your Song" by Elton John was the choice, however she wanted a custom arrangement where we could truly give them something "very simple, slow and elegant". It was especially important that we get the perfect tone for them, since they also requested I create a recording for them to use it in their wedding video!

A showed such sweet emotion - I live for these moments, and the knowledge that I'm helping to cement a memory that they will have forever, whenever they hear their song!

Clearly everyone was feeling the love - I think we nailed their Grand Entrance selection! Simply and slowly, C floated down the aisle to A with grace and elegance.

You know our love was meant to be, The kind of love to last forever, And I want you here with me, From tonight until the end of time, You should know, everywhere I go, You're always on my mind, in my heart, In my soul.

Location: Gold Creek Pond

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