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  1. Do you always perform with backtracks?

  2. How far in advance can I book?

  3. How much notice do you need to put together a custom program?

  4. How much space do you need to perform?

  5. Can you perform outside?

  6. Do you charge for travel?

  7. I'm interested in a quote, but I'm not ready to commit yet. How do I get an accurate quote?

  8. Are there venues or other vendors that you have worked with that you can recommend?

Do you always perform with backtracks?

Not always - I also perform solo, or with Sono Duo© (violin-piano duet). I work together with you to determine the best performance option for your event!

How far in advance can I book?

I take bookings up to one year in advance.

How much notice do you need to put together a custom program?

There is quite a bit that goes into putting together a custom program, depending on the length of the performance. To allow enough time to communicate back and forth with you, to select the genres and song selections, and to custom arrange the melody lines and to acquire or create any backing tracks, I prefer to work with two months' notice or more. Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with me personally.

How much space do you need to perform?

I require a space of at least 6 ft by 6 ft for a solo performance to accommodate my equipment and to allow enough room to bow safely. More musicians require more space. Please discuss any specialized concerns directly with me.

Can you perform outside?

I can perform outside provided the space is flat and covered from elements. I cannot perform in rain, during heavy winds, or in temperatures below 55 degrees  Fahrenheit. Please discuss details with me in person and I will do my best to accommodate.

Do you charge for travel?

Travel is included within Washington State.

I'm interested in a quote, but I'm not ready to commit yet. How do I get an accurate quote?

Due to the highly customized nature of the performances I offer, there are details that affect pricing that I need to know to provide the most accurate quote. Please reach out to me for a no-obligation consultation, and I will be happy to prepare a custom quote for your unique situation.

Are there venues or other vendors that you have worked with that you can recommend?

Yes, I have worked with some incredible vendors, and I am pleased to be a recommended vendor with a number of venues! Be sure to check them out here!




I had Christie for my wedding and she were amazing, so patience waiting us to sign the contract and also flexible with our dates. Out wedding suppose to happen in september 12 and we had to change it after new corona virus rules in our state. We still were able to have her and she were amazing.

- Maria A.

Thank you for helping make Mary & I day so special...we truly appreciated everything YOU brought; with the wonderful melodic mood you set, it elevated the moment when I set my eyes on the breathtaking sight of seeing my wife to be!

- Allan H.

Excellent performance Christie's talented performance made our wedding into a dream come true thank you so much.

- Steven S.

Christie was absolutely wonderful. We had our elopement outdoors on a rugged beach and she came prepared with a rain cover and was early and played beautifully. I cannot recommend her enough. She made our day that much more special. I am forever thankful!

- Rachel H.

What a dream birthday! [My granddaughter] loved your music! She said she cried when you began with the Chili Peppers. Aw.. [My granddaughter] said she also loved the Japanese medley. "It was so beautiful, Grandma." Her mother said, "The wonderful talent of the violinist and her choice of songs created a Birthday Gift that we will always remember. It was perfect!" Christie, your personal performance was everything I had hoped for and more. "A Gift of Music!" My heartfelt thanks to you, Christie! Even though we are only a few people, our hearts have expanded greatly with love today. Your music will stay with us for a long time. Thank you, again, for the happiness you generously gave to us all.

- Nancy H.

I have had the honor of hearing this outstanding performer this past Friday January 24, 2020. I am so happy that we booked Mrs. Christie Becker for the Annual Military Ball for the unit. On behalf of the 5th BN 20th IN Regiment I thank you and so much and we absolutely loved your performance.

- Jaime B.

Honestly, Christie is the best ever! She was excited to work with our unique music selections and create a play list that flowed really well. All our wedding guests were floored by her skills (us too!) and were all impressed by her. She made our wedding ceremony extremely memorable and we could not have imagined a better outcome. Christie - thank you so much for joining us!

- Carli M.

We loved the beauty and elegance your music and your presence added to our daughters wedding. Many people commented on the pleasure your music gave them. We are so grateful to you.

- Patricia K.

Christie was amazing from DAY 1! She responded quickly to my emails. She reached out to the lead musician at our church and got to work on the music right away. I never had to stress about Christie. She took time to make sure my vision came true. I wanted to make everyone cry with a romantic ceremony. She definitely made it happen! The week of the wedding I asked her to come early and play for our in church first look. Not only did she agree to arrive early, she made it a memorable private moment for myself and my husband. I HIGHLY recommend Christie! For the shy/phone anxiety planners...Christie communicated with me solely by email which took a lot of anxiety out of trying to get the energy to make yet another vendor call. A small thing but it meant a whole lot to me!

- Denise V.

Christie Becker and her crew were absolutely marvelous. They arrived early, set up, and played beautifully for 6 hours during our wedding reception. I told Christie that I envisioned my wedding being lively, jubilant and picturesque and she outperformed my wildest expectations. My family and friends were dancing and singing along the whole night. Christie assembled all of my requested songs in a beautiful playlist ranging from classical songs, oldies, country, alternative music, pop, and even one Disney song. I would definitely recommend her for any event; I got so many compliments from my guests. Even my father, a piano player and music critic, loved my music choice. Thank you for helping make our day EXTRA magical.

- Linda R.

Christie's violin performance was superb in all respects. People in attendance felt likewise and thanked her many times for her splendid playing. Thanks again Christie.

- Richard A.

Thank you for a wonderful performance last Saturday. The music was beautiful and contributed to the elegance of the event.

- Andrew B.

Was absolutely amazing and has a vast knowledge of almost any song you want.

- Danial Z.

I've coordinated a lot of events and things to surprise my wife in the past, nothing has ever been so flawless and beautiful. Christie communicated very well prior and her timing and performance were beyond amazing. I cannot thank her enough for such a memorable night.

Thanks again Christie.

-Dennis T.

Very beautiful... you have a warm rich and meaningful sound quality.

- James H.

Christie, thank you again for helping make the evening so beautiful. You are a super talented musician, it was a joy

- Jason C.

Christie is beyond talented and did everything she could to make the moment special for my husband and I

- Jacqueline T.

Christie did a wonderful job for my surprise proposal. The music was amazing.

- Neil P.