Wedding Music When Only The Best Will Do

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Wedding Planning!

Whether you are already busy planning or still just day dreaming, there are key factors that are essential to a successful wedding.

The most critical piece to the overall feel of your wedding is your music choice!

Music ties together all the visual elements that you have been carefully selecting by creating the completely immersive experience that all your guests will share!

Because it is so important to use the perfect music for your perfect day, I am excited to share my process for designing your custom soundscapes with some real-life examples!

Tools of the Trade

If you haven't checked them out yet, what are you waiting for?! (not sponsored) is an amazing tool where you can design your custom wedding vision for FREE! They start you off with a quiz where you select photos that inspire you, and they compile them in a super awesome ideas board, where you can see everything at a glance! You can even book your vendors through The Knot! Below is a snapshot of what I see when I receive a lead through their site:

Helpful Hints

These pictures are helpful clues in understanding my client's vision. In the ceremony board, all of the photos are open air or outdoors. The reception board showcases indoor-outdoor and large, open spaces. I know I will need to ask about:

  • Guest List Size (is amplification necessary?)

  • Electricity Availability (is an ensemble preferable over a solo instrument, for volume and song choices?)

Making Contact

Now I get to reach out to my couples! This part is SO FUN because hearing what's exciting to my couples really tells me what is important to them! For example:

"We're having a small romantic wedding lakeside, and we're interested in some light background music while our family and friends are finding their seats. My fiance proposed to the song L-O-V-E, so we really want that song to be showcased somewhere! We also are interested in more upbeat cocktail hour music, but nothing crazy because my family has some pretty strong opinions about 'music these days' and we want every generation to be able to enjoy themselves!"

Designing the Dream

Now we know a few things:

  • No Electricity

  • Small Guest-List

  • Ceremony and Cocktail Hour

  • Soft and Upbeat Music

  • L-O-V-E Showcased

When designing music that will transition from Ceremony to Cocktail Hour, keeping the flow of energy in mind is important. The energy should continue to increase throughout the celebration, and ebb and flow at its peak. For example, the Prelude music is setting the tone for a romantic, intimate wedding, and a solo violin would be the perfect way to showcase the romantic isolation of the small ceremony. Recognizable classical music would be a beautiful place to begin. L-O-V-E is a very important song choice for this couple and would be perfect as a Grand Entrance selection, front and center. The Recessional is an upbeat and exciting celebration of the newlyweds! In order for all generations to enjoy the music, a combination of Pop hits and Jazz would make for a classic and lively celebration!

Putting It All Together

It's time to put together the first proposal! The preliminary selections are decided on based on the information that has been gathered, and I send out a proposed set-list and timeline like this:

Everything in the proposal is available for editing, from the timeline to the song selections, to the instrumentation. Once the couple has decided on the selections that will perfectly showcase their vision, we bring the magic to life on their wedding day!


A wedding is a one-day snapshot of who a couple is, and it is a deep honor to be invited to share in their celebration!

Christie Becker is a professional violinist and owner of Christie Becker Violin, where she specializes in setting the tone for her client's perfect memories. For more information, or to work with Christie on your unique event, visit:

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