The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It should come as no surprise that the majority of proposals happen over the holiday season! In fact, some of the most popular dates include:

Two Saturdays before Christmas Eve

When you're holiday shopping and pick out the perfect ring, of course you can't wait to pop the question! (Plus, you'll have the element of surprise on your side!)

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the 3rd most popular date to get engaged. Christmas Eve-Eve (December 23rd) is also popular, at number 6. Anyone else remember enjoying family Christmas Eve-Eve parties? What a fun way to celebrate a new family member!

Christmas Day

Christmas is the most popular date chosen for people to pop the question. Imagine cuddling up under the mistletoe and unwrapping an engagement ring! We think yes!

New Years Eve

At the 5th most popular date for popping the question, we can't help but imagine red noses, flushed cheeks, sparkling eyes underneath the fireworks, and a midnight kiss with your new fiance/e! Awww!

New Year's Day

What better way to start the New Year than with a promise to celebrate all your future New Years with your special someone! Pop the question, and pop the champagne! This must be why it's the 4th most popular day for a proposal!

The Saturday before Valentine's Day

Coming in at number 10 in popularity is the week before Valentine's Day - for the boyfriend/girlfriend who is always one step ahead, be sure that you catch them off guard by popping the question when they least expect it! Then you can spend your first Valentine's Day together as an engaged couple!

Valentine's Day

Rounding out our list is Valentine's Day itself - the 2nd most popular date of the year to propose, it truly is a day full of love and kisses - and big questions!

Did you know that 18% of all engagements happen during the month of December? And 40% of all engagements take place between Christmas and Valentine's Day! While the right time to propose varies widely from couple to couple, there is definitely something magical about the holiday season, when everything is sparkly and cozy, and family and friends are near!

OK, you picked your date, now what?

Time to pick your location and to set the tone with live music, making it a moment you'll never forget! (Remember to book a photographer to capture the priceless look on your love's face!)

What's your favorite date for a magical proposal?

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