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Romantic Crystal Mountain Proposal

N reached out to me with a special request. He wanted to propose to his girlfriend S, and her favorite song was the Bollywood song "Wada Raha". I hadn't transcribed any Bollywood music yet at that point in my career, and I was excited to learn something new - so excited in fact that I had a demo version emailed to him within hours of his initial inquiry!

couple with rose petals, fiance in red dress, happy couple mountain
She said yes!

He was thrilled with the turnaround and I was thrilled to be invited to be part of their gorgeous day!

N's entire family was in on the surprise, and they had arrived early at Crystal Mountain to set up a heart of rose petals and an acrylic sign that read "Will You Marry Me?". They all even coordinated their outfits and wore white (N requested that I did too) so that S was even more striking in her red dress.

When the gondola arrived at the top of the mountain, N and S walked over to the area that his family had set up (they were waiting just out of sight) and she said, "Oh no, someone's proposing, we can't go over there!" Then I started playing her song.

proposal ideas, marry me, rose petal heart, violinist, outdoor proposal, crystal mountain view, Mt Rainier WA
A stunning proposal setup

N led S over to the sign, knelt down in the heart of rose petals, and opened the ring box, asking S to marry him. She said YES!!

When he placed the ring on her finger, his family rounded the corner to celebrate with them!

I'm always so thrilled to hear my clients' special song requests - in cases such as this, it opens the door to an entirely new and gorgeous genre for me to master and add to my repertoire!

You can listen to a clip of "Wada Raha", and other song clips of various genres over on my Media page here!

Photo Credit: Kyle Larson


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