How You Can Bring the Drama with 2019's Oscar Nominated Best-Original Songs

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The Oscars - 2019 will be the 91st Academy Awards season. Here are the nominees for Best Original Song:

1. All The Stars - BLACK PANTHER

What We Like - A strong beat throughout and a diverse melody line, with an energy that balances the ebb and flow of the energy in your playlist

How To Use It - Party Dance, Wedding Reception

"This may be the night that my dreams might let me know

All the stars are closer"

2. I'll Fight - RBG

What We Like - A strong build and a soaring melody, with the arrival of an anthem that energizes and propels you forward

How To Use It - Grand Entrance, Wedding Processional

"I'll fight, stand and defend you Take your side, that's what I'm here to do"

3. The Place Where Lost Things Go -


What We Like - The gentle melody and traditional chords are soothing and romantic, nostalgic and evoking of emotion

How To Use It - Wedding Prelude, Wedding Processional, Celebration of Life

"Well maybe all those things That you love so Are waiting in the place Where the lost things go"

4. Shallow - A STAR IS BORN

What We Like - Driving beat and soaring melody line, delayed arrivals and gentle resolution; the harmonies allow for a variety of interpretations ranging from gentle to dramatic

How To Use It - Wedding Prelude, Party Anthem, Grand Entrance

"I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in I'll never meet the ground"

5. When a Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings -


What We Like - Mellow country twang, satisfying harmonies and gentle melody

How To Use It - Wedding Prelude, Celebration of Life

"Yippee-ki-iy-ay I'm glory-bound"

The Takeaway

When planning your event music, look to powerful songs from a variety of genres. They can often be arranged for different instruments and used in unique ways, making them a force to behold.

Christie Becker is a professional violinist and owner of Christie Becker Violin, where she specializes in creating her client's perfect memories. For more information, or to work with Christie on your unique event, visit

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