How to Wow Your Guests (and be the Talk of the Town)

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We've all been to events that were amazing and over the top, and other events that left you walking away going "Huh. That was disappointing." You never want to be associated with the latter, but how do you ensure that your event will amaze your guests?

First it's important to know:

When asked to rate a recent event that they've attended, people focused on 3 categories:

1. Guest List

2. Quality of Food and Drink

3. Quality of Music and Entertainment

Now that's something you can work with!

You put your guest list together, carefully craft your menu, and plan an activity for your guests to engage with. You think you're ready... and then you hear it.

The deafening silence.

You can hear people chewing.

They're making a conscious effort to talk and move quieter, because it's the only noise in the room.

Did your event just come to a screeching halt?

"Music is one of those unique ingredients that makes your special event memorable. The effect it has on your guests is immediate."


Lilly is planning music for her wedding reception. She needs to provide music for her cocktail hour and wedding dinner, and she also wants to be able to dance the night away with her guests at her reception! She prefers Pop music and upbeat, jubilant melodies, but she has guests (including her parents) who want subdued music during dinner. What is she to do?

Live music can be customized for both background and dancing music. Lilly contacted a musician who specializes in custom arranging, and guests from every generation will be thrilled with the Jazz dinner set followed by the Pop dancing set. With the use of high quality backing tracks, Lilly's reception will be one to remember, keeping the energy and fun going for hours while using the incredible talents of just two musicians.


Mary was planning a holiday party for her business. She was putting together a mixer, so background music was a must. She contacted a solo musician who specializes in working with high quality backing tracks. When Mary customized the Christmas set list to include Hanukkah songs, it was truly an affair to remember!


Jim is the manager for a prominent local business. At the end of each quarter he has a gathering of all the clients he has worked with and provides them with resources and accessories. To bring elegance to his event, he reached out to a musician who provides custom ensembles. The string quartet elevated Jim's event and brought a level of formality to the business setting.

*Names have been changed

New Music for a New Era

In past decades, privately performed live music became viewed as an extravagance.

In our modern era, live performances have become especially desirable for achieving that "WOW factor". With ensembles to fit any style, budget or genre, live music is an important element to ensuring the success of your event.

Christie Becker is a professional violinist and owner of Christie Becker Violin, where she specializes in creating her client's perfect memories. For more information, or to work with Christie on your unique event, visit