How to Make Music Work for You

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By Christie Becker, February 22, 2019

We're all constantly listening to some form of music or another: television, movies, video games, radio, super markets, shopping malls, restaurants, and more all use the power of music to evoke a response from their audience.

What if you could make this powerful tool work for you, too?

Art is how we decorate space.

Music is how we decorate time.


There are countless events that benefit from music. Common examples include:

The Wedding

As one of the most important days of one's life, it's planned to the last detail: it's why there are so many checklists and planning tools out there!

These tools are a life-saver when it comes to finding pros in your area. But then what? How do you know which pro will deliver the product that's perfect for you?

It's important for the first decision you make - even before the color palette and dress design - to be what you envision for your overall "Style and Theme". This will dictate each successive decision made throughout the wedding planning process, and it is imperative to find a musician to create a soundscape that fully encapsulates your vision.


n. a mélange of musical sounds

The Party

Graduation. Promotion. Engagement. Baby Shower. Birthday. Anniversary. Celebration of Life. Holiday.

There's always a reason to get together! Whether it's a milestone, a cultural holiday, or a career change, gathering and sharing with the ones you love the most is a wonderful way to celebrate! Deciding on a "Style and Theme" is not specific to weddings - it is a crucial step in organizing an event that your guests will remember for years to come!

The right music is critical to the success of your event!

Let me say that again.

The right music is critical to the success of your celebration!

I ask each of my clients a very simple, but important question when we begin planning their event:

If you were to describe your ideal event's mood in three words, which would you choose?

It's important to book a musician that can create the environment that embodies the mood you want to portray.

Music is the magical element that takes your event from

an observable affair to an immersive experience.

The Corporate Event

Whether you're planning a casual gathering, cocktails with clients, or a formal affair, music is an important element to ensure the success of your event.

We make associations about certain types of music and this is a tool that successful businesses utilize. For example, classical music increases perceived value and sophistication while upbeat songs can make listeners feel more energized and confident.

Working with a professional musician who is skilled at creating subtle cues is beneficial in curating an event with better conversations and less hurried traffic, a more attentive audience, and ultimately a higher-rated event.

The Bottom Line

Music is critical to creating your ideal soundscape.

Whether your vision is a jubilant celebration, a traditional holiday, an edgy grand-opening, or a valuable seminar - the meaning is transferred to your guests through music.

Christie Becker is a professional violinist and owner of Christie Becker Violin, where she specializes in creating her client's perfect memories. For more information, or to work with Christie on your unique event, visit