Giving Thanks for You

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Pumpkin Patch Proposal with Ring

With exactly one month left until Thanksgiving, 2019, anyone planning a Thanksgiving proposal might be searching for that perfect song to tell their sweetheart how they make them feel.

Here's a list of five songs

to perfectly sum up your love:

1. "God Gave Me You" - Blake Shelton

Lyrics we love:

On my own I'm only Half of what I could be I can't do without you We are stitched together And what love has tethered I pray we never undo

2. "Because You Loved Me" - Céline Dion

Lyrics we love:

You gave me wings and made me fly You touched my hand, I could touch the sky I lost my faith, you gave it back to me You said no star was out of reach

3. "Thank You" - Keith Urban

Lyrics we love:

I'm seeing for the first time The stars, the sun and moon But they've got nothing on the power Of this love I have for you

4. "This" - Darrius Rucker

Lyrics we love:

All the doors that I had to close All the things I knew but I didn't know Thank God for all I missed Cause it led me here to This

5. "Thankful" - Kelly Clarkson

Lyrics we love:

You know my thoughts Before I open up my mouth and try to speak You know my dreams Must be listening when I'm talking in my sleep I hope you know I love having you around me don't you know

There you have it! What better way to tell your love that

they're the one for you than to dedicate a song to them?

Was your favorite listed? Let us know in the comments!

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